About Us


Conductor, remainder of Spring Term: BEN KNOWLES

Conductor, Summer Term: MILES ATTWELL

We hope to appoint a permanent conductor by Autumn 2022


Our Leader


Kate Coles grew up in Kent and began learning the violin at the age of nine, and a love of the instrument quickly developed. She later joined the Kent County Youth Orchestra and completed a BA Music at Durham University. At Durham, Kate was actively involved both in making and organising music. She played with both main orchestras, in addition to a wide variety of other small ensembles and helped to run the both the Music and Orchestral  Societies.

These days, despite having trained as a primary classroom teacher, Kate can’t leave Music alone and works as a peripatetic violin teacher. Alongside the Old Barn Orchestra, she plays with a whole host of local orchestras and groups including Maidstone Symphony Orchestra, Oare String Orchestra and Rochester Sinfonietta, plus anything else different that she can squeeze in! Kate enjoys all genres of music, but the highlight was definitely having the chance to play with Baroque specialist Rachel Podger, when she was performing in Canterbury just a few years ago.

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